“And then shall appear the sign of the 2nd sun in heaven (& his name is Sirius) & then shall all the Gentiles (whites) mourn & see the sun Ra coming in the clouds of heaven with power & glory! – Matthew 24:30


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The Advent Of The REVOLUTIONARY CYCLE – And What Is Meant By ‘The Revolutionary Cycle?’ Revolution Is Upward Movement Through The Increased Mental Ether-Fire Formula Of The Suns Of Nature, Appointed By ABSOLUTE NATURE, THE ONE SUPREME BEING. This Increase Causes REVELATIONS AND INSPIRATIONS; Thus, RE-thank-u-for-not-littering-ur-mindELEVATION Is Going Upwards, Called In Religion “The Rapture” Via Ra-Aperture, Which Means That The Sun Will Characteristically Open Its “All Seeing Eye” Or Lenses In A Larger Aperture To Ensure That A Sufficient Exposure To Ether Light And Energy Will Pour Forth In Its Prominence (rays) To All Who Can Receive Them–In Particular, The Ether-Utopian Beings. However Unlike Its Religious Understanding, The True Rapture Is Overstood As All Space, Matter, And All Time Making Degree Changes Upwards (so to speak) In Uni-Sun (NOW) On The Right Side Of The SMAT Circle Of Order (Ma’at). Revolution Actually Means “The Reversal Of Evolution” By Way Of The Positive Forces Of Nature, Reversing (Re’versing) The Things That Occurred In The Evolutionary Cycle By Way Of The Negative Forces Of Nature. (Source) – Wyzedome

Dear Jergens, “natural, flawless color” is called Eumelanin. We already got what you want, Devil.




Get that gorgeous summer glow. All year long.
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” The veil of White supremacy has thrown us off track about world history truths and who we are…” Www.StewartSynopsis.com


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woman excited with sunrise

White woman, whose skin Ra hates, excited with sunrise. Go figure!

It is a well known fact that the sun causes the Yakub Skin Plagues in White people, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that the sun also sterilizes Whites. The lack of  melanin or pigment leaves Whites vulnerable to photosynthesis. The decomposition of tfab-WIGUIWB-masterfol ate or folic acid in the blood levels is critical for cell replication and reproduction. This is the real reason behind the low Caucasian birthrates. The experienced problems with fertility are not behavioral but biological one that cannot seem to be controlled. The foliate levels plummet by up to 50% when exposed to solar radiation, and even in the radiation in tanning salons. The genetically deficient genes give ABSOLUTELY NO benefit in nature, in tropical, temperament climates OR northern cold climates. (Source)

Black people & people of color have ability to not only absorb Ultraviolet Light – as the white man would have him believe – but also to project it!



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Review: “What Our 3rd Eye Doesn’t Spot, The Sun Certainly Will,” Art-ist & Scientist Wyzedome’s Matrix: Ready for the Counterclockwise Swing of SMAT? If not, get ready!



Read the discourse in the image to the left. Can you keep up with artist & scientist Wyzedome’s Matrix of Wisdom?


“Empires rise and fall for the same reason a person or living beings in general are born, grow to maturity, stop growing and decline. And, that reason is: Everything exists in a circle called “the circle of time” or “the circle of space, matter and time” (SMAT). Nine ether sun empowers the top half of the circle and six ether sun empowers the bottom half. The top half is the time of life in the universe, and the bottom half is the time of death in the same.” – By Dr. Malachi Z. York

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(WARNING) Projecting absorbed UV Light onto skin of creatures composed of weak Pheomelanin pigment creates Yakub Melanoma & other Yakub Skin Plague afflictions –


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“The mythological 3rd eye (Pineal Gland) is accessed at the single …

Feb 20, 2016 – “The mythological 3rd eye (Pineal Gland) is accessed at the single point of vision where the streams of vision of the 2 eyes meet” – Yakub 7 Ali.

Whites think they can protect their skin by wearing so called ‘sun safe’ clothing, ROTFLM(eumelanin)AO!


tfab-your_clothes_can't_protect_u-dev-master-dev-dev-masterName the one that is destroyed in coming face to face with the Divine Rays of the Sun of God. White people are melanin deficient. Melanin is what protects the melanin dominant peoples of this planet frTFAB-ADTWTHGSom the Sun God ATOM RA’s RAdiation poisoning in the form of UV exposure. Not so for white people. You do not have this protection. As a result, you undergo PHOTOLYSIS. Photodissociation, photolysis, or photodecomposition is a chemical reaction in which a chemical compound is broken down by photons. Specific to whites, Photolysis is the phenomena by which Amino acids and various essential vitamins decomposed by U.V. exposure. More importantly, Folic Acid decomposes very rapidly on U.V. exposure. As Folic Acid is a major requirement for sexual reproduction, exposure to U.V is increasing sterility in white populations.  (SourceScience, Vol 201, Issue 4356, 625-626)


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