The Flugelrod (Cave Dwellers) are Amongst Us, Real Jews are Black


tfab-c1v2sThe Flugelrods (illustration) were the original Nordics before they crossbred with different races to acquire the appearance they possess presently. They are the originators of the Nordic race and live in a cavern beneath the Antarctic. Their chief is named Korg, the original Halaabites, meaning “to blush,” or Hulub.

Flugelrods became known as the Neanderthals, or simply cave men, eating raw flesh, running around on fours, and living in a state of bestiality. They found their way into the inner caverns of the planet. Many of them took residence there while others in time used the trickknology (sic) and terrorized other innocent tribes. This seed moved behind the Caucasus Mountains and up into Russia and became known as the Khazars.

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“You are the extension of my God-particle breathing. E=mc2? Really? Einstein got me fucked up,” Ra.


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imageedit_6_9167206797Melanin refines the nervous system in such a way that messages from the brain reach other areas of the body most rapidly in Black people, the Original People. Black infants sit, stand, crawl and walk sooner than whites and demonstrate more advanced cognitive skills than their white counterparts because of their abundance of Melanin.

Carol Barnes writes, “…your mental processes (brain power) are controlled by the same chemical that gives Black humans their superior physical (athletics, rhythmic dancing) abilities. This chemical… is Melanin!” The abundance of Melanin in Black humans produces a superior organism physically, mentally and spiritually.This why all the founders of the world’sgreat religions are Black. Melanin is the neuro-chemical basis for what is called SOUL in Black people. In the same way Blacks excel in athletics, they can excel in all other areas as well (like in the past!) once the road blocks are removed! (Keep reading)

Too weak to be our slaves & too untrustworthy to cook our food: the future of the white man among us, “FOOTSTOOL BITCHES!”


tfab-STAMRHS-2d3t2d-FBAre you ready for the new Summers? Forecasts being given by Western meteorologists are predicting record highs around the globe.

According to Yakub Ultraviolet Light  Scientists (YULS), however, it’s what the West isn’t reporting about the climate and the health of creatures composed of pheomelanin vs those composed of eumelanin that’s important

Accordingly, YULS publishing is releasing “Best Practices for Whites Summer (since) 2012” to “help guide them into new behavioral practices beneficial to their health of their epidermis and faculties when in the presence of beings composed of eumelanin. Yakub Muslim scientist Imhotep Mephistopheles is quoted as saying.  (SEE) “Always kneel & ask permission before crossing a black man’s path.” Yakub Muslims publish Summer 2012 Best Practices for Whites; or  …. 

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From the Caucasus Mountains to America’s: Why They Still Love Savagery, Hate & Bestiality: DNA.


Interestingly, the ancient Egyptians recorded the Tamahu, which means created white people. Egyptian writings also refer to whites as Typhonians or People of Seth, both meaning “the devils.” After these “white devils” were first released into the Black community of the Near East 6000 years ago, they caused sever strife, thus the Africans rounded them up, stripped them of everything and exiled them to the caves and hills of the Caucasus Mountains. This explains the sudden appearance of white people in this region. To prevent their escaping Africans installed a series of guarded walls blocking all exits along that area from one sea to the other!

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But one day when Danielle couldn’t speak at all, the couple rushed to the emergency room, where doctors performed an MRI. They discovered three masses nestled in her brain and tests revealed they were melanoma.


The cancer quickly spread through her body, threatening both her health and that of her unborn twins. Despite numerous interventions and the birth of healthy twins, Danielle died at age 32, less than a year after doctors found the cancer. Her husband is now sharing her story to raise awareness about how serious skin canceris. (More)


The truth about Caucasians: 4% Neanderthal & 4% Rhesus Monkey!



The time has come again to address world ignorance, the shadow government, and clandestine operations of the deceitful people who currently think they rule the planet. Caucasians are not fully or normally developed human beings but are only the inbred mutant albinos of their genetic masters—Black Africans. Do you know the real reason white people perform laboratory experiments on white lab rats is because those white lab rats share the same genetic code as they share? They share two common factors—the tfab-dn1 albino, and the inbreeding factor. Those white rats are bred for their albinism and are deliberately inbred to mimic the genealogy of so-called “Caucasians.” White people perform experiments on white rats to see how experiments potentially go over in the human Caucasoid population. If they want to know how something will impact the normal population, the benchmark used is a normally colored rat. In the human world, if they…

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“Where there is no 3rd eye vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18



When you start moving your two carnal eyes toward the 3rd eye position, you begin pulling all light emanating from  whatever sources of light are before you closer to you and into the circuitry of your 3rd eye.  The connectivity, when the stream of light entering into your 3rd eye socket is natural sun-energy is immediately electro-magnetically recognized. The longer you are able to keep your carnal eyes in the single 3rd eye position, the stronger your relationship with light becomes.  The further you are able to lift the 3rd eye beyond the first 3rd eye socket toward the higher  sockets / gears that lead toward your actual Pineal Gland the greater the manifestation of light becomes inside of you and the further it reaches.  It is here when divine light enters enters this circuitry – for the Pineal Gland is activated by light – where the great evolution of the…

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Accept the #kingsagainchallenge! Find a throne, sit in it & declare your kinghood! Don a crown & do it. Now is the time to begin presenting our-selves as the kings we’re inherited to be. (Featuring) Yusuf King Yuqub


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(ABOUT) “WE WUZ KINGZ, also iterated as KANGZ N SHIET, is an expression primarily coined by racist white  4chan’s /pol/ (politically incorrect) users to discredit ancient black history and continue to assert the white supremacist ideologies. They reject that the facts Ancient Egypt was a Black civilization and that some of the most notable royal figures from the Dynastic era were of African ethnicity (including Tutankhamen, Cleopatra and Pharaoh Khafra – who is generally believed to be the face depicted on The Great Sphinx of Giza). In addition to its widespread usage on /pol/, the phrase has been also adopted by detractors of Pan-Africanism on other discussion forums, including white supremacist and nationalist websites. (ORIGIN) The phrase is believed to have been coined on 4chan’s /pol/ (politically incorrect) board sometime around late 2015 by users attempting to discredit the new growing wave of black consciousness and who are now living in fear because of the new Dominant Energy Rule magnetism that has entered the earth’s atmospher as a result of the increasing amount of Ultraviolet Light now upon the earth.  Hoping it will offend blacks as much as the word “nigge,” White supremacists aggressively used it in attempts to slight the new wave of African American civil rights protests surrounding  police brutality controversies.  Likewise, they aim it at the  #blacklivesmatter movement and its entusiasts.  (SPREAD) According to Encyclopedia Dramatica,[3] the phrase was anonymously coined on 4chan sometime around November 2015, which subsequently spread to YouTube with the upload of a video titled “We wuz kings and shit fam” on November 21st .

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The difference betwen the devil’s two eyes & your 3rd eye: there’s are made to see; yours is designed to rule.


Melanin (Greek μέλας, black) is a class of com- pounds that serves as a pigment.The most common form of biological melanin is Eumelanin , a brown-black polymer of dihydroxyindole carboxylic acid, and their reduced forms.  Another common form of melanin is pheomelanin, a of benzothiazine units largely responsible for red hair and tfab-albtm-4r3g3n1l-energy-m1st2r-m1st2r1freckles. The increased production of melanin in human skin is called melanogenesis. It is stimulated by the DNA damages that are caused by UVB-radiation. Eumelanin is found in hair and skin, and colors hair grey, black, yellow, and brown. In humans, it is more abundant in peoples with dark skin. Pheomelanin is also found in hair and skin and is found in lighter skinned people. Pheomelanin becomes carcinogenic when exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

A recent placebo-controlled study showed evidence of trans-cranial bright light’s effect to brain functions when administered through the ear. Bright light stimulation was found to increase activity in brain areas related to processing of visual sensory information and tactile stimuli. The findings are the first ever published scientific article about functional modulation of the brain with bright light delivered to the brain through the ears. (SourceContinue reading 

So called “Butterfly Boy”Jonathon Pitre DEAD by Epidermolysis Bullosa, another of Ra’s curses against “superior” white skin.


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Epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica is triggered by sun exposure. Your weak skinned kind can’t tolerate the sun & is being intentionally identified to be tortured by the afflictions in the Yakub Skin Plagues. Ours receive any of these conditions from not properly intaking Ultraviolet Light in through the 3rd Eye which is the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland in people of color contain Eumelanin – the same pigment in our skin that allows it to absorb UV light. Your kind’s Pineal Gland’s contain the same carcinogenic Pheomelanin responsible for the torture, violent & shaming that your pale skin receives. Yours CAN’T intake UV light properly in ANY way.

Your misinformation is based on your clinging to the racist Western science that makes your weak skinned kind feel safe. #goodluckwithSPF!

Regards & fuck you,
Antioch Hades

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Psycho Racial, Cursed Skin Whites Ready Selves for Blasphemous 2018 “Outrun the Sun” Race! #goodluck!


Some Yakub Muslim, Jakob Christian and Yakub Ultraviolet Light Science researchers, professors and students alike are expressing outrage and giving condemnation the Outrun the Sun Inc., a 501c3 non-profit
organization whose mission, apparently, is to spread Western misinformation about the causes of the numerous skin, immuno, faculty and mental health related biological damnations their kind are now, because of their refusal to make restitution for their generational race crimes against the Mother Nature and against the People of the Family of Color (POTFOC), cursed to be relentlessly shamed and endlessly tortured without end, Divine Racial Karma (DRK) says.  The many factions expressing outrage and giving condemnation about those who they now say in the face of universal damnation dare to mock Ra by vowing to “out run” him agree with Divine Racial Karma’s sentiments.

Outrun the Sun “Festival” (Google search)