SPRING 2015 IS HERE! Some can celebrate, others damned! Got SPF?


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thab-th2_sk3n-aaWhite people’s self called superior skin is deteriorating before our very eyes!

While they dismiss this as a result of too much sun exposure and unrelated to spirituality, we know otherwise: there is no such thing as too much sun exposure; and, Divinity no longer accepts them as a part of nature.

The sun’s rays, which they call ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays (UVA and UVB rays), damage white people’s skin and biological and mental faculties. Accordingly, they age faster and are subject to numerous sun-related disorders that people of color who intake UV light properly are immune from.

White science teaches man made toxins destroyed are responsible for the destruction to the Ozone layer allowing for the increased levels of ultraviolet light into our atmosphere and damages their skin, eyes and brains. Continue reading

(NEW) Western Science Admission: Yakub Melanoma Rates on Rise in Young (White) Adults & Children!


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tfab-me-1nd6_pr4wt3ng-m1st2r-aaaPANAMA CITY BEACH– Many locals and spring breakers are taking advantage of the warm weather by hitting the beach.

But even on cloudy days like Sunday, there’s still a risk of getting burned.The Gulf Coast glare is so strong, experts recommend limiting sun exposure, even when there’s a cloud cover.

“Down hear I burn so easily, so I load up on sunscreen,” Abby Siudak, a spring breaker from Illinois, said. Continue reading

The Journey: From Kings to Brain-washed Slaves to Prisoners to Lords!


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With the “counter clockwise swing of space, matter and time at hand” – indicating we are at the age when lost Children of Israel are to be found what did (does) the Sun of God or Ra’s, if you will (and I will), plan hinge on to make the first generationtfab-TBMPBR-M1ST2R-EEn of the found lost recognize the fulfilment of the promise of the return to their deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) rights inwardly as opposed to being told who they (we) are from third party sources.

While there are a number of individual obvious reasons by which we know the regime of self styled Jews who although openly identify themselves as Ashkenazi ethnic Jews and were installed in 1948 to create and continue to keep up a masquerade of their ‘real Jew’ status as legitimacy, the most obvious prophecetic reason their legitimacy can be traced is that in their history the Ashkenazi have never been lost.  One of the incidental things we learn about the voice that is sometimes said to use use men to speak through to relay messages to targets messages are meant to be heard by. Other times the voice’s message is relayed through what the ancients identified as sentinel beings such as the sun and the earth. Continue reading

The skin based afflictions torturing white people’s skin isn’t cancer, it’s the fulfilment of the ancient curse by the prophets foretelling that ‘evil’ (which is now synonym for ‘whites’) will ‘burn in eternal Lakes of Fires’!


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The ozone layer, our protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, is not showing the fast healthy return to its previous state that was thought back in 1999. The more it depletes and the longer it takes to regain its previous state, the more possibility that skin cancer is going to keep increasing not decreasing.  Keep reading

Sunflowers Follow Ra, Do You?


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tfab-TDSMOF-a“What is the matter with our people that they won’t turn their faces back to the sun of god?  In this age of our reconnectivity to nature – an age that not only restores the greatest abilities our people have ever known (i.e. the ability to transform from flesh to energy and hear the thoughts of creatures not able to absorb ultraviolet light)  how is it inventions like the television still capture our focus over the focus of the proper and empowering absorption of ultraviolet light into our pineal glands?

“Their (white people’s) gene is recessive, global warming compromises their immune system & they have pheomelanin in their epidermis, pupils, organs and pineal glands. We know about the natural things that destroy them than at any time in our recorded history. They are an impotent and dead species.

“Due to their poor ability to (re)adapt to the current minor shifts in the environment without high susceptibilities to skin cancers like squamous and basal cell carcinomas, melanomas and cataracts the long term affects of global warming and ozone depletion negatively impact the fair skinned moreso than those with darker pigments. Who’s evolving, we’re evolving!” Yakub Muslim minister Jacobi Ali

Bible Expired. Welcome! We are now living in the emergence of the age of the Book of Life! Is your name written in the Book of the Lamb?


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tfab-TWOG-m1st2rtfab-TAOTBOL-aThe bible was originally translated from the wall of the Pyramids & is written in hieroglyphics. When Champoleon, Napoleon’s brother or cousin arrived in those ancient holy lands & understood what those symbols meant he tried to destroy everything!

Though they have their *VERSIONS* & *SYNONYMS* i.e. “son” & “sun” they couldn’t destroy the *SYMBOLS*. Continue reading

“Burned to death!” The Jackie King Melanoma Execution, “She did not deserve to enjoy the light of Ra,” Gwinnett County Yakub Muslims,


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It’s hilarious how these godless, Gentle infidels tfab-UVLS-NT-m1st2r-t2xt0-aahave been reduced from having plantations, whips and chains, deeds of ownership, separate eating and drinking places and separate school to only having words like “*knuckled-dragging* & “*nigger*” in hopes of *trying* to offend us and haven’t even realized we’re the generation that ain’t barring that, ROTFLM(*nigger*)AO! That fall when coupled with the knowledge that we know the truth about recessive gene & their weak, Pheomelanin (pink & yellow based melanin ) skin, their easiliy compromised immunosystems and their large (clunky) unevolved brains (they use to assert that the larger the brain the more powerful it is and have now learned that the microchip is more representative of it i.e. evolution has made it smaller and better) is just all too much for them. All anyone needs is Ultraviolet Light to reduce them to puddles of melanomic pus.” National Black Foot Soldier Publisher, Yusef Douglas Continue reading


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