“Where there is no 3rd eye vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18



When you start moving your two carnal eyes toward the 3rd eye position, you begin pulling all light emanating from  whatever sources of light are before you closer to you and into the circuitry of your 3rd eye.  The connectivity, when the stream of light entering into your 3rd eye socket is natural sun-energy is immediately electro-magnetically recognized. The longer you are able to keep your carnal eyes in the single 3rd eye position, the stronger your relationship with light becomes.  The further you are able to lift the 3rd eye beyond the first 3rd eye socket toward the higher  sockets / gears that lead toward your actual Pineal Gland the greater the manifestation of light becomes inside of you and the further it reaches.  It is here when divine light enters enters this circuitry – for the Pineal Gland is activated by light – where the great evolution of the…

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Accept the #kingsagainchallenge! Find a throne, sit in it & declare your kinghood! Don a crown & do it. Now is the time to begin presenting our-selves as the kings we’re inherited to be. (Featuring) Yusuf King Yuqub


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(ABOUT) “WE WUZ KINGZ, also iterated as KANGZ N SHIET, is an expression primarily coined by racist white  4chan’s /pol/ (politically incorrect) users to discredit ancient black history and continue to assert the white supremacist ideologies. They reject that the facts Ancient Egypt was a Black civilization and that some of the most notable royal figures from the Dynastic era were of African ethnicity (including Tutankhamen, Cleopatra and Pharaoh Khafra – who is generally believed to be the face depicted on The Great Sphinx of Giza). In addition to its widespread usage on /pol/, the phrase has been also adopted by detractors of Pan-Africanism on other discussion forums, including white supremacist and nationalist websites. (ORIGIN) The phrase is believed to have been coined on 4chan’s /pol/ (politically incorrect) board sometime around late 2015 by users attempting to discredit the new growing wave of black consciousness and who are now living in fear because of the new Dominant Energy Rule magnetism that has entered the earth’s atmospher as a result of the increasing amount of Ultraviolet Light now upon the earth.  Hoping it will offend blacks as much as the word “nigge,” White supremacists aggressively used it in attempts to slight the new wave of African American civil rights protests surrounding  police brutality controversies.  Likewise, they aim it at the  #blacklivesmatter movement and its entusiasts.  (SPREAD) According to Encyclopedia Dramatica,[3] the phrase was anonymously coined on 4chan sometime around November 2015, which subsequently spread to YouTube with the upload of a video titled “We wuz kings and shit fam” on November 21st .

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The difference betwen the devil’s two eyes & your 3rd eye: there’s are made to see; yours is designed to rule.


Melanin (Greek μέλας, black) is a class of com- pounds that serves as a pigment.The most common form of biological melanin is Eumelanin , a brown-black polymer of dihydroxyindole carboxylic acid, and their reduced forms.  Another common form of melanin is pheomelanin, a of benzothiazine units largely responsible for red hair and tfab-albtm-4r3g3n1l-energy-m1st2r-m1st2r1freckles. The increased production of melanin in human skin is called melanogenesis. It is stimulated by the DNA damages that are caused by UVB-radiation. Eumelanin is found in hair and skin, and colors hair grey, black, yellow, and brown. In humans, it is more abundant in peoples with dark skin. Pheomelanin is also found in hair and skin and is found in lighter skinned people. Pheomelanin becomes carcinogenic when exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

A recent placebo-controlled study showed evidence of trans-cranial bright light’s effect to brain functions when administered through the ear. Bright light stimulation was found to increase activity in brain areas related to processing of visual sensory information and tactile stimuli. The findings are the first ever published scientific article about functional modulation of the brain with bright light delivered to the brain through the ears. (SourceContinue reading 

So called “Butterfly Boy”Jonathon Pitre DEAD by Epidermolysis Bullosa, another of Ra’s curses against “superior” white skin.


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Epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica is triggered by sun exposure. Your weak skinned kind can’t tolerate the sun & is being intentionally identified to be tortured by the afflictions in the Yakub Skin Plagues. Ours receive any of these conditions from not properly intaking Ultraviolet Light in through the 3rd Eye which is the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland in people of color contain Eumelanin – the same pigment in our skin that allows it to absorb UV light. Your kind’s Pineal Gland’s contain the same carcinogenic Pheomelanin responsible for the torture, violent & shaming that your pale skin receives. Yours CAN’T intake UV light properly in ANY way.

Your misinformation is based on your clinging to the racist Western science that makes your weak skinned kind feel safe. #goodluckwithSPF!

Regards & fuck you,
Antioch Hades

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Psycho Racial, Cursed Skin Whites Ready Selves for Blasphemous 2018 “Outrun the Sun” Race! #goodluck!


Some Yakub Muslim, Jakob Christian and Yakub Ultraviolet Light Science researchers, professors and students alike are expressing outrage and giving condemnation the Outrun the Sun Inc., a 501c3 non-profit
organization whose mission, apparently, is to spread Western misinformation about the causes of the numerous skin, immuno, faculty and mental health related biological damnations their kind are now, because of their refusal to make restitution for their generational race crimes against the Mother Nature and against the People of the Family of Color (POTFOC), cursed to be relentlessly shamed and endlessly tortured without end, Divine Racial Karma (DRK) says.  The many factions expressing outrage and giving condemnation about those who they now say in the face of universal damnation dare to mock Ra by vowing to “out run” him agree with Divine Racial Karma’s sentiments.

Outrun the Sun “Festival” (Google search)

“The window of opportunity whites had to satisfy the universe by making restitution for their racial atrocities against people on the planet is closed,” Divine Racial Karma says


“The window of opportunity whites had to satisfy the universe by making restitution for their innumerable racial atrocities against the other races of people on the planet is closed,” Divine Racial Karma says.”Whose fault is it that the words “white” & “injustice” & “white” & “wicked” evolved as synonyms? Their own.”

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WARNING: White Psychosis Levels at “ALL TIME HIGH” Glax Haas Race Psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs; “Where will you be when the whites you know give heed to their dark inner voices & follow in one of their kind common mass murder, suicide sprees: at work, on the street, at home or (even) on an airplane? Always beware of your associa-tions with whites but especially on days w/sharp UVL rises in atmosphere.”



“Yet, where will you run that my rays will not find you,” Ra asks Fran Nachlas, co-founder of the SafeSun Foundation & director of blasphe-mous “Run From The Rays” benefit.


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Weak skinned, Boca Raton whites are hosting the  6th annual Run From The Rays, an epic 5K and 1 Mile run/walk on April 22 fundraiser.  It is a fundraiser sponsored by the run_from_the_rays_promoalleged SafeSun Foundation, Inc. whose mission is the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of malignant melanoma and other forms of thelife-threatening  skin plagues targeting creatures whose skin is composed of the vile (pink & yellow) Pheomelanin pigment.




“She deserved it!” The Universe’s Baseball Bat, Race Karma, repara-tions offender Beverly Hope Melton & chosen vessel of retribution Nicko-las Miller: “White America is in denial about the karma it is due & the reparations it owes,” South Carolina Black Foot Soldiers


(BREAKING) South Carolina Black Foot Soldiers from around the state are joining in the condemnation of reparations offender Beverly Hope Melton, in rebuking white denial of the racial karma ‘their conscienceless race’ is due and in condemnation of the state’s near three million white citizens for their continued racist denial of Trans Atlantic slave trade reparations.

“Slain SC woman was ‘loved by everybody’ stunned friends, family say,” a Wbtv.com headline reads. But, according to Chesterfield County Black Foot Soldier Hampton McKenny Melton wasn’t not only not loved by everybody, but she was not loved by those it’s most important to be loved by: God, Karma and her (black) neighbors. 

“That these filthy creatures who call themselves humans that are white could and do think they are above the universal laws of nature, God and karma bespeaks the psychological sickness that is now inherent in them because of their unwillingness…

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