Sedgwick County, Kansas & Wichita Black Foot Soldiers are calling Richard Lyons’ “suicide bomber” style protest against the regime of the racist Sedgwick County Sheriff’s department the social action protest of the year.

“It’s reminiscent of the courageous demonstration of brother Jonathan J. Thibodeaux in 2007,”says NBFSN spokesman Cedishon Angelou.

Lyon’s demonstration, along with reports of two coordinated robberies that, according to sources, may be nominated as Reparations Protests at two local businesses, is also receiving recognition from the National Black Foot Soldier Network.

“It’s a suicide bomber style protest and reminiscent of the courageous demonstration of brother Jonathan J. Thibodeaux in 2007,” says NBFSN spokesman Cedishon Angelou.

A 2 million dollar bond has been set for the man charged with shooting a Jeanerette Police Department Deputy in the back and robbing a bank.Officials say 36 year old Jonathan Thibodeaux will likely remain behind bars before he stands trial due to the expensive bond. (Link)

While Lyon’s family has issued an apology to the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department, the state’s Penitentiary Islam elders say Lyon’s was chosen by Allah to fight the devil.

“Tell my family I love them. I’m going to get my virgins,” unconfirmed sources allegedly close Lyon’s inner circle says the new urban icon said before the accused ambush.

“We know that God, who is Allah, will always seek one with courage to fight the white devil. Many are called, but few are chosen. While we do not advocate violence, we must always recognize the God’s great soldiers and works. All may rest assure that brother Lyons has received the 72 Virgins promised to all martyrs who accept His calling,” a statement the elders released addressing the demonstration. “His family owes no apology. Blessed is the courage of their seed.”