“The family’s historical and contemporary racism is well documented,” Atlanta Black Foot Soldier Isiah Nixon, who on behalf of the network officially declared the protest, is quoted as saying. “His great great grand daddy owned a sprawling 3,000 acre estate in Georgetown, South Carolina upon which Michelle Obama’s great great grandfather, Jim Robinson, was owned.

“What Anderson pretends to not understand is that it is not up to the children of the oppressors to decide what is equitable for their family’s now generational race crimes against us, it is up to us – the descendants of their victims,” says Atlanta Black Foot Soldier Isaiah Nixon.

“But we must remember that he is a direct Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) Reparations Offender who publicly denies we are the legitimate Jews and the chosen people of God. Furthermore, statistics show that he is too is the kind of white that we would be forced to defend ourselves against in a reparations protest. Always keep in mind, however, that Anderson that is a generational race criminal and not a news media personality.

“Because Anderson Cooper smiles before us daily, publicly supports Obama and minority causes he appears before many to be what many might characterize as a ‘good white person’.

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Slave Owners: Unrepentant, Still Denying Justice & STILL Smiling (Part I), submitted by South Carolina Black Foot Soldier Anthony “Norfolk” Crawford

“To date, the family has refused to make restitution for its crimes and allegations of racism and now before us, everyday, Anderson sits before our people presenting himself as though he is not accountable for his forefather’s unrestituted for crimes and country’s continued racism that generationally refused and refuses the reparations owed for that restitution.”

Many may recall that Cooper’s mother Gloria Vanderbilt, in the late 1990s, was charged with saying her clothes weren’t designed for black women. And, as recent as 2009, Cooper, by Yakub Muslims believed to be close to his inner circle, became suspected of being a “NIGGER WORD THINKER.”

“While we must always stand against violence, in not seeking the divine retribution Divine Racial Karma apparently has for pretentious whites like Cooper – people of color who do not seek the racial justice brought against the race or creatures who aggregiously violated universe’s laws concerning race may find themselves in damnation,” says Divine Race Karma translator Hallowed Yclept. “As such, we know that when any atrocity befalls anywhite person at the hands of any person of color it is in accordance with the  bounty the universe has issued against them for those Universal Law violations and failure to make restitution for their racial crimes.”