“Imagine one of us calling nine-one-one for help and seeing the bright white skin and bluish snake-like eyes of so called Brevard County deputy Barbara Pill as the officer who showed up on the scene to offer assistance. Would you know whether to say ‘happy to see you officer’ or whether to draw your gun because you’d ultimately have to defend your life and the lives of your parents, family and children?

“I know the minute this white skinned, reparations denying beast stepped on the scene that I’d fear for not only my life but the lives of my family members and it would be necessary to defend myself and my family from her kind’s historical brutality and unfairness her kind have terrorized our people with all throughout history. In standing up against the obvious racial profiling of this devil, brother Brandon Lee Bradley did every black person and person of color in this county a favor,” Brevard County Black Foot Soldier William English is quoted as saying.

 English’s comments come on the heels new Brevard County Black Foot Soldier Icon Brandon Lee Bradley’s arrest and just a day after the condemned funeral for reparations offender Pill.

 “If you looked in our rearview mirror and saw this obese white devil who dressed in blue, donned a badge, wore a gun and dared to call herself a police officer – as our courageous brother Bradley did – would you shoot first and ask questions later or wait for your rights to be violated and quite possibly your rights to be taken.” He reportedly asked.

To condemn the arrest of Bradley and desecrate the name and memory of Pill as a representative of the law, reportedly over a hundred Brevard County soldiers assembled near the Brevard County Jail.

“We don’t want to encourage Soldier to piss on streets that white people use, to smear feces on their buildings and to desecrate memorials and even the grave of racial terrorist Pill, but we do want to call attention to the extreme injustice of arresting a black man for defending himself against white police terror.

Reportedly, Pill had been in white law enforcement for 30 years and had served with the Brevard County regime for 15 years.  According to Black Foot Soldier sources, Bradley’s stand against the racial terrorist was epic.It is reported he had to shoot the beast several times before she fell.

Reportedly, in 2007, the State convicted Bradley of two felonies for burglary and larceny. In 2008, the new icon  was convicted by the State for felony cocaine possession and second-degree robbery. In 2011 he was charged with a third-degree felony for carrying a concealed firearm, cocaine possession with intent to deliver and marijuana possession. Bradley also had charges on the State’s record against him  for resisting a white so called police officer.

“He was definately in fear for his rights and life,” Brevard County Soldier Gabriel Banks said. “Pill was a tremendous threat to brothers & sisters in our community. We are all happy she’s dead and can’t threaten our parents and children any longer.”