Reparations offender Marion Hedges had reportedly just loaded up on candy she’d purchased at Costco that she intended to hand out last night to trick-or-treaters on her Upper West Side — and across town at the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center on E. 93rd St., where she volunteered. 

But, according to Harlem Black Foot Soldiers, Hedges was miraculously struck down by God before she would have the opportunity to deceive inner-city children about the goodness of whites with her poisonous, token gifts of candy this year. 

“Today we should give thanks to God because he struck this vile creature named Marion Salmon Hedges whose cup ranneth over with hypocrisy.

“47 year-old real estate exec & flagrant reparations offender wanted to live like a fashion celebrity while doing charity work in community centers for the peo- ple her lavish lifestyle infringed upon to absolve her of her guilt. But Allah has made her eat her shopping basket wherein she filled with brand names and other expensive unneeded wants. How worthy was this to happen on All Hallow’s Eve?”