Clayton Borough and Gloucester County Black Foot Soldiers are reportedly calling ‘bullshit’ on the police and white media’s account of how twelve year old devil Autumn Pasquale’s body ended up in a  recycling bin behind a vacant house next to the one where seventeen year old Donte Robinson and his fifteen year old brother Justin lived with their family.

According to reports, the Robinson brothers are charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, disposing of a body, tampering with evidence and theft. Reportedly, Justin is also charged with luring. Gloucester County Prosecutorial racial terrorist Sean Dalton  is cited as accusing him of persuading a ‘biking-obsessed Autumn’ to come to his home so they could trade BMX bike parts. There, he alleges, they stole her bike.

It don’t sound like she was obsessed with biking to me. It sound like she obsessed wit’ niggas & black dick!”

Gloucester County Black Foot Soldier  Marchello William

“It is clear that the State’s emerging case against our two brothers is being built to make this so called ‘pure’ and ‘white’ daughter of reparations offenders appear as innocent and gullible as possible while demonizing Donte and Justin as treacherous and manipulative. It hasn’t been established yet whether this pre-teen white devil knew or had been watching Donte and Justin or whether or not she was a black male watcher and, thus, one of the kind of white girls who fantasizes about black on white oral sex gang bangs. Where was this girl’s hesitation before voluntarily riding off with these two presumed strangers? We don’t even know if this girl was a virgin or not,” Gloucester County Black Foot Soldier who identified himself as Mingo Jack is quoted as saying in the first of any statements coming from Soldiers in the state. The state’s leading Black Foot Soldier, William Still, has yet release a comment on the case.