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(Stewart’s Synopsis) Whites cannot reproduce anything but themselves! Through powerful propaganda and indoctrination we have been completely oblivious to what having white skin really means. We havebeen skillfully mislead to believe that white skin is mankind’s anthropological model and should be coveted. However, recent research paints a picture of white skin that is just the antithesis of what we have been brainwashed to believe.

tfab-value-of-melanin-continues-to-rise-master-finalThe polar bear analysis that was done by the Discovery Channel helps prove my point. If you shave the hair off a polar bear, the skin beneath is black. In nature the skin of the polar bear is black to absorb as much heat and light as possible to keep the arctic animal warm in its environment.(SEE)  Fuck 40 acres & a mule! Today: Melanin, $384.50 a gram. Gold: $40.78 a gram. According to Infoplease.com, the skin of an average adult weighs 10 pounds. That’s 4,535.92 grams. 4,535.920 grams times $384.5 = $1,744,053.55! #melaninmatters!


It is also true for the Eskimo (Inuit). Human adaptation remains an insufficiently studied part of climate and climate change. Scientists have tried for years to prove that the environment was responsible for altering heredity.


Scientifically speaking, Black objects absorb heat very well and also emit heat very well. If heat wasn’t emitted at the same rate as was is absorbed, the black object would just get hotter and hotter until it melted. A black beaker cools down much faster than a shiny beaker that does not absorb or emit heat well at all. That is why snow does not melt in cold weather even when the sun is falling directly on it. All of the incident light energy is reflected away and none (or very little) is absorbed.

tf1b-m2l1n3n_w4rthIf black absorbs heat and light and white reflects it, how can we say that white people are adapted more to cold environments than warm? That insinuation that white skin is a result of environmental adaptation is the same orthodox dogma that we have been spoon fed for generations, however when subjected to scientific scrutiny it doesn’t hold water.

UPMN-CH2CKM1T2_CR1CK2RReports FALSELY SUGGESTED that Senegalese troops during World War I and Ethiopian troops during the Korean War showed higher rates of frostbite and frozen feet in the African soldiers than their European counterparts. The laboratory work of the researchers also suggested that black skin tissue was more prone to cold injury; however white skin also exhibited some damage. After further research the following was indicated: It was SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that samples of black skin tissue were less vulnerable to cold damage than the lighter European tissue. This does not sound indicative of white skin being more suitable to cold climates.

Caucasians have a higher concentration of enzyme inhibitors that suppress melanin production, according to Halprin & Ohkawara, 1966. White people a-y7a-th3rd_2y2-2d3t2d-oooo (1)also have calcified pineal glands. You may ask how does this imply that white skin is a genetic defect…..The pineal gland secretes melatonin, which activates the pituitary to release M.S.H. (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone). It is in the melanocytes that melanin (Greek “melas”=black) is produced. Melanin is somewhat analogous to chlorophyll in plants. What a lot of people don’t realize is that melatonin is also related to fertility. Those with pigmented skin have the highest counts of melanocytes in the genitalia and nipples. The pigmentation in these areas can be influenced by sex hormones like estrogens and androgens. During pregnancy, the nipples, face, and abdominal wall become darkened. These areas of increased pigmentation during pregnancy are due to the increase in the production of estrogens.


Anthropologists try to account for the fact that the genitalia are darker by suggesting that protection is needed against ultraviolet radiation damage, and has been thus evolved
through natural selection. This means that protection of the genitalia against forces that may prevent reproduction was needed. Similarly, in this view, the pigmentation of the nipples during pregnancy would be a defense against ultraviolet radiation damage to the tfab-WYAYCP-M1ST2R-txt-H21D2Rnipples. Supposedly, this type of protection would be needed while breast-feeding during the early evolution of humans in Africa. According to Robins, 1991, darker pigmentation found in the genitals, may have evolved for the “protection of reproductive capacity”, in that the pigmentation protects gametes within the genitalia from ultraviolet radiation damage. This is a direct result of why white people have the lowest birthrates of all people on the planet and are going extinct. Their melanin deficiency is why their reproduction system does not work as efficiently as it should. ContinuesMelanin is worth $365 per gram