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y7a-y1k5bgl6ph3cs-AAI am the conductor of light upon the planet. My gene is the natural ruler for the distributions of UVA, UVB, UVC and Ultraviolet Light exactions upon the planet.

SEEThe Patricia Dunn Melanoma Execution & the National Curfew for Whites Hours: MONDAY-FRIDAY: 5AM-7AM, 11AM-1P, 5PM-6PM; SATURDAY. & SUNDAY: 5AM-7AM, 11AM-1PM, 4PM-5-M;

“This, like the skunk is born with the funk, the snake comes with its poison, the wasp – it’s stinger and such is my (people of color’s) kinsmanship to the ethereal & universal realms (earth & sun) i.e Mother Nature & Ra.

G44-YMINCFW“While in ancient history our record of people of color’s kinsmanship to the divine entities s i.e. Sentinel beings that allow life was not given to the masses & held only by the elite, the time for the return of it to the masses of our family is at hand.

“Allowing the eventual manifestations of being able to turn change flesh to energy i.e. light again, the knowledge, practice & study of this science will sit us again in the seat whereby we are again the planet’s guardians exacting righteous judgement upon unjust thoughts & actions.

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