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With the “counter clockwise swing of space, matter and time at hand” – indicating we are at the age when lost Children of Israel are to be found what did (does) the Sun of God or Ra’s, if you will (and I will), plan hinge on to make the first generationtfab-TBMPBR-M1ST2R-EEn of the found lost recognize the fulfilment of the promise of the return to their deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) rights inwardly as opposed to being told who they (we) are from third party sources.

While there are a number of individual obvious reasons by which we know the regime of self styled Jews who although openly identify themselves as Ashkenazi ethnic Jews and were installed in 1948 to create and continue to keep up a masquerade of their ‘real Jew’ status as legitimacy, the most obvious prophecetic reason their legitimacy can be traced is that in their history the Ashkenazi have never been lost.  One of the incidental things we learn about the voice that is sometimes said to use use men to speak through to relay messages to targets messages are meant to be heard by. Other times the voice’s message is relayed through what the ancients identified as sentinel beings such as the sun and the earth.

The Big Headed Scientist Yakub, the Secret, Ancient Schematic of the Original Man & the Natural Formula for Dismantling the Devil


Perceptually, sentinel beings are beings that are perceived to be greater than us (again like the sun and the earth) because as they give us life, they are are greater than us. One of the greatest of the incidental aspects the voice allows us privilege of knowing is that the place from where the presence of that voice dwells is a place that is protected by “impenetrable light.”

With the last now being the first and formerly lost now awakening to consciousness that not only are we now too the found but also the chosen, will the manifestation of our kinsmanship to light be the fulfillment of our DNA rights that proves to us on the inside that we are who even the installed regimists say we are?