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tfab-s5mm2r_2015_pr4t2ct_m2_fr4m_th2_s5n_st1rt2r_k3t-2d3t2d-m1st2r tfab-NCFWIf you’re white, are you ready for Ra’s hate for you and the Yakub Melanoma Season 2015? According to AccuWeather.com Expert Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok, “periods of warmer-than-normal temperatures will come and go during the course of the summer and the East overall is forecast to be hit by more 90-plus degree days (than usual) this summer. What does that mean for your health? Government experts have warned that climate could have huge implications for it, because a temperature rise of just 2C will lead to skin plague rates going up by more than 20 per cent. Melanoma is not a cancer. It is the curse of The Sun of God fulfilling the prophesy against evil which the white man fulfulled“We are currently in the midst of a skin cancer epidemic, and the greatest increase in skin cancer is in young people,” said Sacramento skin surgeon Dr. Andrea Willey in a press release. “If not caught in time, skin cancers such as melanoma are deadly. That is why free screenings are so important.” So, don’t forget to: “slip, slop and slap,” devil Jen Kirkpatrick recommends and “wear a hat with at least a 2- to 3-inch brim all around. Western dermatologist Dr Paul Salmon reminds whites they can’t tell when they need to reapply sunblock to their bodies. “To be safe, lather up after you’ve been in the water, and if you haven’t been swimming, apply at every meal time.” He says.