“Did he think he had the right to play in the fields where my people once toiled mercilessly without pay for over four hundred years at the hands of his people who – to this very day – still deny restitution for? ” Joliet Yakub Muslim Emanuel  Shabaazz is quoted as saying in a reported statement released by Will County Yakub Muslims in celebration of their completion of the Melanoma Execution against eighteen-year old child of generational race criminals Matt Mammosser.

“The message we send to the reprobate and unrepentant whites of Will and Kendall Counties is that until you have made up for the racial atrocities of the past  that you say we should ‘get over’, neither you and your children don’t deserve to stand, walk, play, work or relax within the Sun of the Light of God that the family of the people of color do without your self styled beautiful and superior skin being destroyed. ”

Reportedly, Mammosser only first became aware of his Yakub Melanoma assignment Thanksgiving 2011. ← (Confirming). After learning about it, though, instead of speaking publicly about the unrestituted for atrocities of his kind, he and his friends and family pursued it as a disease, rather than a damnation.  Continue reading