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“Empires rise and fall for the same reason a person or living beings in general are born, grow to maturity, stop growing and decline. And, that reason is: Everything exists in a circle called “the circle of time” or “the circle of space, matter and time” (SMAT). Nine ether sun empowers the top half of the circle and six ether sun empowers the bottom half. The top half is the time of life in the universe, and the bottom half is the time of death in the same.” – By Dr. Malachi Z. York

(The 2nd Sun)

tf1b-w6z2-aResearcher Walter Cruttenden discussed ancient ideas about how our solar system could be tied to another star which may have influenced the rise and fall of civilizations here on Earth. A number of ancient cultures, such as the Greeks, were aware of the precession of the equinox, or the “Great Year,” a vast 26,000 year cycle, which was said to alternate between Dark and Golden Ages. Cruttenden has concluded that another sun, well outside our solar system, but much closer than what is believed to be our nearest star, influences the precession cycle. Our solar system, he said, moves around this great star, and over long periods of time, our ionosphere, magnetosphere and consciousness itself are altered from the interactions. (Source)