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What you absorb you can project. The Eumelanin in your skin is also in your eye’s pupils, in your Pineal Gland & in ‘melanin centers’ located all throughout your body – use it!

“Melanin Pigments in Human Pineal Gland,” Journal of the Anatomical Society of India

Masson-Fontana staining confirmed the presence of melanin pigments in the human adult pineal gland. In 1-10 years age group, the pigments were present within the pinealocytes. In 11-20 years age group also, the pigments were in the pinealocytes only. In 21-30 year age group, the pigments were in the tfab-DNMT-tv-TXT-Apinealocytes and appeared in the stroma in the areas of glial fibre predominance. In 31-40 years age group onwards, the pigments were present, in addition to pinealocytes, in the stroma among the fibres. As age advanced, the amount of extracellular pigments gradually increased, extracellular pigments were more concentrated, and the extracellular pigments were more clearly seen. There was no gender difference in the amount of melanin pigments. The background comparative anatomy also is discussed (Source)