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“Whites have entered the final chapter in Divine Racial Karma’s book of edicts. According to the Law of Final Karmic Incarnation, the last generation of whites that had opportunity to make restitution for its kind’s generational racial atrocities committed against others was jc-s3cc3ng_th2_1n3m1ls_4n_th2_d2v3l-athe previous generation of whites before this present generation. Much like the institution of Chattel Slavery had never occurred before in recorded history, the kind of conviction Divine Racial Karma has sentenced whites to has never been witnessed before and has never previously existed before.  According to Yclept, the difference between the conviction between the sentence that ours received responsible for sending us into the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and the present one sending them into ‘the newest yet most ancient conviction their is, is that in the slave trade, because of our labor, we had value.

There is no refuge for the white man who has earned his place in history as the devil which he was foretold he would be and despite all those prophesies – and having the ability to have changed his course – walked boldly through that door as though he had done something righteous,” says Yakub Muslim minister Jakobi Ali. “He was y7a-me-j2nn1_b4ckm3ll2r-anot man. He was not human. And now he has lost his place in that already unworthy status as mankind.  While many today do wonder what place he will descend to with that status now foreign to him, terrible astonishment will now fill the minds of those who don’t know. For, because they have cherished existence without love and hating their neighbors; and because they have favored letting the hungry starve and the thirsty scratch their throats and prefered being the reprobate creatures with no feelings, they will emerge as the zombies and the walking dead who television writers have fictionalized but the Obama administration has fine-tuned an offensive known as  CONPLAN 8022-02  – a plan that goes into great depth to prepare for the number of zombies the U.S. military may encounter, ranging from traditional “pathogenic zombies” to farfetched “evil magic zombies” and “vegetarian zombies” for. The people in the family of color should know that the lord of hosts is here.

“Their lives will have no value,” Divine Racial Karma translator Hallowed Yclept says.