Scarber’s daughter, Tammy Priest, says that her dad was a maintenance worker for the Allsup’s companies, and she doesn’t understand how something like this could have happened.  “He was just doing his job…my dad was a wonderful man and he would have done anything for anyone,” Priest said.

f6718-nbfsn-drkrak-b2v2rl6“We can only be thankful that 74 year old Marvin Scarber will not be able to attempt any of his apparent racial terrorism and insults against anymore of our people,” a New Mexico Black Foot Soldier is reported as saying. “This old devil thought it was insulting to shovel snow onto a black man’s driveway and we are convinced he meant his act as an insult. That his daughter has the racist audacity to attempt to say ‘he was only doing his job’ demonstrates that she’s just as racially dangerous has her racially reprobate father and that our people should be cautious of her too.  “Thank God brother McClellan Calhoun Jr.  stood up to protect us from that certain racial terrorist.”