In 2006, Jayne was diagnosed with melanoma and had it removed. Six years later, she felt unwell and took herself to Wellington Hospital’s Emergency Department. Her parents met her there to find her irrational, deluded, and speaking nonsense. she had been diagnosed with lesions in her brain. “Oh,” she said. “At least it’s not cancer.” Geoff paused, then explained: “Sweetie, lesions are tumours.”

While The Devil’s propaganda campaign to present his damnation as a cancer is filled with misinformation, there are some things about its rate of growth and numbers of yearly deaths that he’s been forced to publish. (NOTE: YKN STUDIES FIND BOTH RATE OF THOSE AFFECTED & THE NUMBERS OF THOSE WHO DIE EACH YEAR ARE SEVERELY UNDER REPORTED.) Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States and the fastest growing. Continue reading