The Sun has always been seen as the provider of light, but it is actually the water and melanins in the atmosphere which create the energies we see as light and feel as  heat. The sun and space and the universe are replications of the microcosm in us and all things on a cellular level, so the sun would be a large dark melanin molecule in an organic universe. The spaces in and between the sun, planets, stars, and in and between all living tfab-5nd2rst1nd_m2_y2t1things on any earth like planet would be composed of melanin (dark matter) and water, since both are receivers, storers, converters and emitters of all energies. Melanin in its most concentrated form is black (Kemet). It is black because its chemical structure will not allow any energy to escape once that energy has come in contact with it. This gives us an insight and shows that melanin dominant people do not require the same amount of minerals and nutrients in their diet as people with less melanin. It is important for people with high melanin content not to indulge in dairy products because after the age of 5, 80% of highly melanated people are lactose intolerant. For our people, eating diary leads to blockage diseases in the body. So instead of asking your brothers and sisters if they “Got milk?” you need to ask them the question, “Got Melanin?” 

This is just one example and also a brief look at the pervasive manifestations of melanin and its uses. It is a fact that we have ceased to know about our melanin and ceased to use it accordingly. The key to our liberation is the reactivation of our melanin faculties. The author of this article intends for everyone who reads it to research melanin and hence research their true self. It is important for us to know some basic fundamentals on the energy governing our life. (Source)

For further research, two highly recommended books upon which this article was fed are: Melanin:a key to freedom by Richard King M.D and Vitamins and Minerals: from a to z by Jewel Pookrum