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Ultraviolet Radiation. UV rays are just beyond visible light at shorter wavelengths than the last visible ray, which is violet. Ultraviolet rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can reach a high enough level on earth to be harmful to plants, animals and mankind that don’t possess Eumelanin i.e. black and brown melanin. (FEATURE: Sickle Cell VS Melanoma for Dummies!) Sickle Cell Anemia is a superior condition to Melanoma. As demonstrated, Sickle Cell represents the progressive evolution that protected the African race from being wiped out by Malaria. While most blacks carry the trait, the majority of carriers see none of its characteristics throughout their lives. The incidence of melanoma among white people is very different. Unlike Sickle Cell, melanoma doesn’t protect its white victim from anything. Rather, it tortures his existence, shames and / or kills him.