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The speed of sight is determined by the Intensity of Focus. Ultimately the Intensity of Focus is determined by the strength of the propelment of vision into the tfab-albtm-4r3g3n1l-energy-m1st2r-m1st2rsingle point of vision found where the the streams of vision from the two carnal eyes meet. For beings who possess usable melanin, Light’s speed is irrelevant without understanding Intensity of Focus. Intensity of Focus determines a single ray of light’s practical usability on a human level. Meeting a single ray of light at the earliest possible point to meet it at as it leaves the sun determines the strength of your Intensity of Focus. Perceptually, dominance over the science of ballistics & even Einsteins E=MC2 is reborn here. (See the symbol for rebirth in the equation above.)


Hence, the follow up to author Michael Bradley’s ‘The Iceman’s Inheritance’ (at this appointment) is titled  ‘The Iceman’s Melting’. There is a plane that must be crossed tfab-WWAETFDfor the beings who possess usable melanin (Eumelanin) wherein that polymer’s unique molecular structure can change into raw energy. Wherein in the ancient past the knowledge of such was contained only among our elites, in this age the possession of will broader among us. As we seek the meditation, disciple and universal energies required to get us their, remember (as Dr. Maya Angelou once told me) we must bring all our people along, “Don’t you leave one of our children behind,” she said. Shalom! #intensityofvision #rahsondelay #transcribeancientformulas