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“Whites with badges & guns are State commissioned racial terrorists masquerading as representatives of the law. Always be ready to protect & defend your family & self against white police terrorism.” – NBFSN “Our vote of confidence is against you white America. For it is you, white America, who can’t be trusted.It is you, white America that champions hypocrisy. It is you, white America, that – because of your historic & continued racial terrorism against us – time tells us you should be condemned & hated.

“Like the Bible, the era of ‘love your enemy’ is expired. It it is you, white America, who set yourselves in the position of being enemies to us. Because we are not your enemies, we are your victims. Yet we are the chosen people of God. For, the legitimate Jews are black.” NBFSN General Cedishon Angelou. “They manufacture the poverty, secure the institutionalized poverty infrastructure, build the projects, make sure guns & drugs make it into the hood & then felonize & limit the life opportunities the victims their race based mass duplicity terrorize. White police must always be seen as terrorists who threaten you because of race to legally justify protecting ourselves from them by any means necessary.” NSFSN Counter Terrorism Minister Malachi Louis.