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Why aren’t Caucasians connected to the umbilical cord of God, existence, the universe or divinity? The proof that they aren’t connected to these origins is in their recessive gene responsible for the biologically corrupt Pheomelanin that provides the pigment for their very weak skin. More proof of this is evident in that their immune systems are highly susceptible to afflictions, disorders and diseases that dominant gene species are not subject too. The archaic frontal lobe of Caucasians is another indicator of their disconnect from what we will call universal originals. The grafting 16 - 1 (23)hgdgprocess by which the black and brown gene were continually separated until the usable melanin depraved white gene emerged produced a creature in whom all his organs and faculties remain progressively unevolved. Just Like, for example, the microchip’s progression in capacity and capabilities evolved as it decreased, so too the capacity and capabilities of the human and mankind species are increased by decreased size. The most significant and powerful difference between those directly connected to the universal originals and those abandoned by them is in the functionality of fluid Pineal Glands verses the non-functionality of non-fluid or static ones. Those beings who possess useable melanin and fluid Pineal Glands are able to absorb, reprocess and even externally project universal energies such as Ultraviolet Light. Creatures who do not possess usable melanin are vulnerable to torturous and unhealable health complexities from the same types of light. Oh well, had Caucasians demonstrated love as opposed to hate, dominant gene matrix demonstrate that through biological adaptation their kind could have found progressively evolved too possess usable (Eumelanin). The dominant gene would have overcome the recessive gene in favor of its unbreakable structure. But, because they chose the fallacy of white supremacy and clove to anti People of the Family of Color (POTFOC) hate, we can only tell them good luck with SPF. #goodluckwithSPF!