Records show that Donald Trump applied to trademark the phrase “Make America Great Again” six days after President Obama was elected to a second term.

While I agree with Michelle Obama that the first time I was ever proud of my country was when Obama won the 2008 presidential nomination.

“For the first first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country,”

 The queen said.

And while, according to Wikipedia, the phrase “Make America Great Again” is a common campaign slogan used by American politicians. It was first used by Ronald Reagan during his 1980 presidential campaign.[Source]It’s important to remember that Trump’s use of the slogan is being directed toward his consituency (his body of voters). He’s not talking to us; and, the dark undertone he’s using is resonating with that overtly large predominately white body of racially subversive, anti black supporters who clap their hand regardless to what he says.

Making America ‘great’ to them is something far different to the only very recent time this country became great to so many of us. Regards.