Sometimes you read things that are so ridiculous you can barely believe your eyes. Today that prize goes to the Nigerian and Cameroonian tfab-wh3t2n3c345s-amusician Dencia, the woman behind a skin lightening product called Whitenicious — yes, that is the product’s real name.

Dencia used to be as brown as, say, Whitney Houston, but no more — thanks to Whitenicious, she has bleached her skin to the point that she’s as fair as Cate Blanchett. When African-American media outlets discovered the product online, they were not happy. As you can imagine.

This brings us to this Ebony interview (if you can call it that; it reads more like a failed intervention) between Drexel University professor Dr. Yaba Blay and Dencia on how skin lightening and her products are the result of colorism, reaffirming the idea that black skin is wrong and white is right.(Source)