a-tfab-SYTM-rubbing_face-aSunscreen causes skin cancer. (EDITORIAL: remember, although the West calls the Yakub Skin Plagues afflicting white “skin cancer”, these plagues are the curse against  whites foretold of by the ancient prophets) .That is what a new report from the British Association of Dermatologists is saying, despite the fact that all of us have been inundated with anti-tanning information and a constant barrage of “remember your sunscreen” advice all y7a-m2l1n4m1_c5rs2summer long. The sunscreen research, put together by the British Association of Dermatologists, indicates that over 72 percent of the population reports receiving a sunburn last year, despite all the anti-tanning information and the proactive reminders about sunscreen. Those 72 percent are twice as likely to develop skin cancer, a deadly form of melanoma. Why are people still getting sunburned when they are constantly reminded to wear sunscreen? According to the report, it seems that one of three things are the culprit. Either we’re not wearing the right kind of sunscreen, we are not reapplying sunscreen often enough, or we’re getting a false sense of security from our sunscreen. Either way, it’s our sunscreen that is increasing our risk of melanoma. (Source)

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Sunscreen blocks the natural obsorbtion of vitamin D wich Is essential to your cells to fight cancer . Fact. Your skin absorbs over 75% of the sunblock chemicals right into your blood stream. Melanin is natural sun protection.