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By the late 1870s Reconstruction was coming to an end. In the name of healing the wounds between North and South, most white politicians abandoned the cause of  protecting African Americans. In the former Confederacy and neighboring states, local governments constructed a legal system aimed at re-establishing a society based on tfab-w1tch_y45r_b1ck-MASTER-Aawhite supremacy. African American men were largely barred from voting. Legislation known as Jim Crow laws separated people of color from whites in schools, housing, jobs, and public gathering places. Hence, a rise in”for whites only” signs and announcements rose and were placed in such places as restaurants across America. Ironically, however, in the late 1940s, when whites first began to understand that it was/is the lack of Eumelanin that is responsible for the sun’s Ultraviolet Light rays’ targeted genocide against them their ‘for whites only’ signs – that are a result of their failed white supremacist ideologies – developed a racially derogatory meaning for them. #goodluckwithSPF!