tfab-look_the_white_man-dev-devThe ultraviolet light in sunlight damages the DNA in the skin cells. This damage can happen years before a cancer develops. The sun’s rays contain 3 types of ultraviolet light. UVA makes up most of our natural sun light. It goes deeper into the skin and causes skin ageing. It is now also linked to the Yakub Skin Plagues afflicting whites. UVB shames, tortures and destroys skin whose pigment is not composed of Eumelanin. UVC use to be 100% filtered out by the atmosphere of the earth i.e. ozone layer but now, with the aforementioned layer opening, more and more UVC is is entering the earth’s atmosphere. This has made white people the Comedy of the Earth: “The Weak Skinned White People Who Asserted Skin Based Racial Superiority Need Sunblock”!