Annie Tomlin is an expert beauty editor who is known for telling her millions of readers about the importance of sunscreen, so when a red patch appeared on her hairline and y7a-m2l1n4m1_c5rs2wouldn’t go away, she knew something wasn’t right. “As it grew and grew I thought, ‘this isn’t normal,'” she said. Two different dermatologists told Tomlin –- the beauty director at Self Magazine –- that the patch was nothing, but when Tomlin ran into Dr. Ellen Marmur at an event, the doctor had a different opinion. “Instantly I said ‘No, no, no. We have to test that,'” Marmur, a Manhattan dermatologist, told ABC News. A biopsy revealed that Tomlin had basal cell carcinoma. It’s the most common kind of skin cancer. Tomlin said she was “shocked” by the diagnosis in November. “I’m religious about sun protection. I wore it every day as a kid,” she said.