tfab-p4w2r2d_b6_r1Where Were You The First Time You Heard White Folks Thinking?

“I would rather crash this bus and kill all these niggers & wetbacks rather than drive them around today,” the man thought. “He was my bus driver – a white man. This morning, as with every other morning, the bus was filled with my fellow impoverished blacks and Hispanics passengers. “The difference, before this morning, I’d never heard his thoughts. “Though, now, I’ve learned how to tune them out, white people’s thoughts remain the vilest things I’d ever heard.

FOCUS! “The mythological 3rd eye or Pineal Gland, is accessed at the single point where the streams of vi-sion of the two eyes meet” – Yakub 7 Ali; Only the wind of Ra, which is the Spirit of God, determines if a devil is healed or cursed. FOCUS! …  (

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