SUNSPEC2_CATERS_SU_2711457a“So you’re telling me you have to put something man-made (SPF) on your skin to protect you from that which is natural & you expect me to believe you belong in this universe? Okay.”
a-tfab-sytm-s5nscr22n-sketch-blue (1)  Devil Laura Creane, 31, from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, was diagnosed with the malignant melanoma, after becoming addicted to being bronzed. The fair-skinned former tanning salon owner would use a sunbed at least twice a week but now she has to smother herself oducts every day. Laura, a sales administrator, said: “Applying SPF has become a part of my daily routine, I cake myself in all my products as I’m so scared that the melanoma will return.in SPF prmelanoma will return.