First diagnosed and treated for melanoma six years ago, the couple (James & Briana Cox) thought Briana was cancer-free when she became pregnant with Addison. But when their daughter was a few weeks old the couple learned the disease was back with a vengeance — stage four metastatic malignant melanoma and two months after the baby was born, in June 2011, Cox had a seizure and collapsed during a run. Scans revealed her brain and other parts of her body were riddled with Yakub skin tumors!

And when four dark bumps appeared on baby Addison’s forehead in September, she too was diagnosed with the same stage-four Yakub melanoma. Cox melanoma execution was completed in February. She was thirty-three years old. Reportedly, doctors at Phoenix Children’s hospital said it wasn’t possible for the cancer to have been passed to Addison. But in fact Addison was eventually diagnosed with stage four melanoma…

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