The Yakub Melanoma Curse  starts in melanocytes – the cells that make the brown skin pigment known as Eumelanin.  Melanin gives skin its color. Melanoma on whites can start on nearly any part of the skin, even in places that aren’t normally exposed to the sun, like the genital or anal areas. Melanoma most often affects the skin (including under the nails), but it can also start in other parts of the body, such as in the eyes or mouth. White people’s perceptions of being able to avoid the judgement against them for their unrestituted for race crimes upon the earth are erroneous. Mother nature’s global warming & the sharp increase in the amount of ultraviolet light entering the atmosphere – both toxic to them – prove this. Ultraviolet light is omnipresent. It passes through walls. The sun need not shine for ultraviolet rays to attack them. They are even burned while they sit in church on Sunday mornings. And, while many white say they do not believe in ‘God’, the flesh of white atheists is shamed, tortured, consumed and destroyed the same as white Christians.

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