Morgan-Conquer had no mole or skin lesion – typical in melanoma – to hint at what was wrong.

One afternoon in 2008, she told staff at Millhouse Medical centre in Howick that she was going for tests and days later was told she had an inoperable brain tumour.

Morgan-Conquer did everything possible to fight the disease and looked at alternative medicine as well as radiation. “She would have a few months of things being good and then one would pop up somewhere else in the body.”

Walsh urged people to seek help if they were unsure of any change in their body. “Basically, people need to be very aware. Anything they are unsure of they need to get them checked.”

Dr Ric Coleman, a colleague at Millhouse Medical Centre in Howick, agreed and said Morgan-Conquer’s death should serve as warning.

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“Her illness was unusual because there was no skin lesion, but in general people should keep an eye on their skin, especially those with any family history of melanoma.”