Jealous of white people? You call me subhuman but you mutated from me. Do you understand that? Your translucent skin is not natural to this planet. It is a genetic mutation from black skin. You and yours are shamed, tortured and destroyed by the natural sunlight. You have absolutely no taste buds or rhythm. You rape your children and have incestious relations with your parents. Where are your penises? And why are your women built like door frames? Jealous? Yall get lice, prefer to have sex with animals and a-tfab-sytmt-txt-aa (2)for generations at a time lived in those dark, dank caves with your savage and morally reprobate families. You came over here and wiped out an entire race of people with your diseases alone. Historically speaking, white people have always been trash. In the Industrial Age, yours were so vile, y’all would just throw buckets of your shit and piss into the streets. Yes, my people came first! When we first came into contact with your kind we taught them how to bathe, how to cook their meat and how to plant seeds and grow vegetation. Everything you know today was created by black people: metallurgy, agriculture, healthcare, hygiene, architecture, science, mathematics and biology. We cirucumnavigated the world before Asia or Europe. You need to know that while hundreds or your Neanderthal forefathers were surrounding large game – because you hadn’t invented tools and had to attack your prey in masses in order kill it and have food to eat that my people were GROWING pyramids and BASKING in the sun. White people ain’t shit and ain’t never been nothing but vessels of disease and despair.

 – Anonymous, well worded discourse –