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(FEATURE) The story of “The Nigger Who Lives in the Sun;” He doesn’t remember how old he was, when he was first visited by the nigger who lives in the sun; but he’d had innumerable visits with the being throughout the course of his life spanning even into today. (February 1st, 1967) “The nigger who lives in the sun came to see me again,” little Yakub 7 wrote. His experiences with the being had become so common his parents instructed him to keep a diary to record them. “Why do you call him that,” after attempting to explain the experience for the first time, his father asked. “That’s what he let me know to call him,” the boy snapped. “Well, how did he let you know that?” “I don’t know, he just put it in me.” “What did he want from you this time,” his father asked.  “He wanted the same thing he always wants: to know if I can see him?” Little Yacub 7 shouted with enthusiasm! “Could you see him this time?” “Nope. I was blinded. There was too much light.” “You were Blinded By the Light?” His daddy smiled. His mom aired soft laughter. But, the allude was empty to the child. “Yep, I was blinded by the light. He showed me I’m not focusing my eyes fast enough or correctly but that he’d give me another chance.” (More)