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1932…Tuskegee experiment and did not end until 1972. 40 years and let’s face the truth…..Tuskegee experiment began in 1932 and did not end but, it became the application of HIV/AIDS in 1972.

a-tfab-the-story-of-the-blonde-hair-blue-eyed-white-boy-master-master-color-textAmerica is committing black genocide and black America is in denial. This genocide is slow and consistent.

If America used it’s military force to eliminate the black american, it’s image would be destroyed. America uses covert psychological operations…abortions, AIDS, prisons, drugs and feminism are all a process of black genocide.

Ethan Couch killed 7 people and got probation. Mike Vick got 21 months for fighting dogs

White america outnumber black America 7 to 1. White america commit 7 times more crimes, buy 7 times more drugs, use 7 times more drugs, sale 7 times more drugs but, black Americans are incarcerate.

Historian & Activist Ken Duncan