It’s like using your fingers to type on the keyboard without having to use your eyes to look at the keys. How long are you able to keep your primary consciousness directed to your 3rd eye socket while using your carnal eyes to still monitor the world around you? If you are unable to direct your primary attention to your 3rd eye socket while using your carnal eyes to continue just monitoring the things happening around you, I encourage you to isolate yourself to a technology deprived world and begin dedicating time to  internal 3rd Eye tfab-when-the-knowledge-that-blacks-project-ultraviolet-light-and-can-assign-yakub-melanomas-upon-wh-TXT-devworshipi.e. 3rd eye meditation – focusing the streams of vision from your carnal eyes to one single point of vision and then focusing that singular line of vision into to the 3rd eye chamber & eventually directly into the socket or seat where it is actually suppose to see. For theDominant Gene Eumela-nated Beings(DGEB), the immediate result is the pulling of all the sun i.e. Ra’s atmospheric energies (light)  into  your soul. Restrict yourself to small periods of time whereby you time your ability to focus your 3rd eye into the seat within it’s chamber with the counting of your relaxed breathing.

tfab-WYAYCP-aeIOU-Ae Remembering that 72 relaxed breaths equate to 3 minutes, see how long you can maintain focus of your primary consciousness to room it is suppose to always be in & the chair wherein it is suppose to be seated. As a DGEB you’ll want to reserve time to practice this until you are able to maintain your primary consciousness’ focus to the window it is meant to look through while (ultimately) using your vision of your carnal eyes to continue monitoring the things going on around you. Another result for DGEB is your gene’s immediate recognition of the entrance of supreme light into your soul and the immediate activation of you now being able to project that same and very light from within you.