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The picture above shows a sun faced, white ‘God’ – sitting in a chair adorned with wheels – holding or passing a scepter to an approaching, sun faced white Jesus – in an all white heaven. That level of religious racism is astonishing, but it isn’t surprising.  And, while I’m quick to acknowledge that the earth’s Family of the People of Color (FOTPOC) haven’t seen the worst or most conscienceless behavior that the white race will certainly (eventually) demonstrate, using Christianity i.e. ‘God’ to colonize us in the racially psychotic and notoriously brutal type of slavery identified as Chattel Slavery – a form of slavery that the world had never seen before the_problem_with_the_white_guilt_conceptthe Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) – demonstrates a level of super- ego driven, moral corruption and utter reprobation that I don’t think we, as a nation of black people, have fully evaluated the full consequences of yet.  With the emergence of the popularity of   egomaniacal racist Donald Trump – whose use of subliminal racist ideologies are  being widely embraced by millions of young and old white Americans, it has become apparent that the corruption in white psyche is as great as it has ever been – if it’s not greater. White people want their open hate of us back – and they want it back without being looked at in disdain and without the ability to be written of negatively in history. That white people wouldn’t do right by us out of natural love or the righteousness of restitution,  but only modified their publicly racist treatment of us because of how their hatred made them look before the rest of the world, should tell us what kind of racially psychotic demons we are dealing with.