(1 Timothy 6:15) For at just the right time the power of the sun will be revealed to the chosen from heaven, which is the mind, by the blessed and only almighty God (who resides in the Pineal Gland of those with Eumelanin & is the King of all kings and Lord of all lords. (Habakkuk 3:4-5). His brightness is the brightness of the sun; he has rays of light beaming from his hand; and there (in his gene) is the hiding-place of his power. The Hebrew word אור, here rendered light, is translated the sun, (Job 31:26); and that rendering seems to improve the sense here. The word קרנים, rendered horns, being derived from קרן, to shine, or emit rays of light, is much better rendered rays, or splendours, here, than horns: see Parkhurst on the word. In this illustrious passage, then, we see the aaa-the-light-of-ra-is-my-strengthbrightness, or splendour, poetically represented as streaming from the hand of God, that awful hand which is mighty in operation, and which has so often manifested the divine power to a wondering world. Or, as others explain it, The Shechinah, or symbol of the divine presence, has rays of light issuing out on every side, and yet that was but a hiding, or veil, to the Divine Majesty, who covereth himself with light as with a garment, (Psalm 104:2,) and who dwelleth in light inaccessible, or of too resplendent brightness to be approached, or gazed at, by mankind.