(NOTES) Man’s toxins did (((*NOT*))) put holes in the Ozone Layer – as they suggest. The universe has opened holes in it to usher in this, *The Ultraviolet Light Age*. Western Science did not measure the Ozone until 1957/58. It wasn’t until the 1970s that Western Science first directed its attention to Ultraviolet Light perceiving that its entrance into our atmosphere would cause long-term changes that woua-tfab-wiguiwb-master (1)ld severely impact their kind’s biological systems in a negative way. That, again, tells you how far their science is behind ours because (again) Elijah Muhammad brought that knowledge with him in the late 1920s. Like the skunk is born with the funk & the snake comes with its poison & the turtle has a shell, every species on this planet has a natural defense system i.e. a gift imparted to it by nature that makes it unique. Insects of the order of Diptera can fly & are called flies. They (((*MOCK*))) us saying catch me if you can! Yet Insects of the Araneae order can spin webs and are called tfab-combo-angel_showed_then-i-did-it-dev-and-whatspiders. Let that slick ass fly land in one of their webs & it doesn’t have the strength to pull itself out. The Ozone Layer was/is not indigenous to the earth & was designed by an ancient scientist to separate us from the realm of divinity. Whereby it is noted in ancient holy texts that there were once beings that could travel between the realms of the this realm i.e. earth’s realm & the light realm – which was/(is) possible because the Eumelanin in our flesh – at the right universal temperature (like sand [at the right temperature] turns to glass) could turn to energy. The Ozone Layer separated us from our ability to transfer back & fourth between that realm. With it opening – even slightly – some of our natural extra sensory abilities are returning. In short, Ultraviolet Light does the opposite to us than what it does to those creatures composed of Pheomelanin (pink & yellow pigment). Our pigment is composed of Eumelanin (black & brown).


Ultimately, as more Ultraviolet Light enters our atmosphere, our systems will require it’s intake properly as we are beings from that realm. Those of our kind who do not accept this will be shamed, tortured & comsumed by UV Light in the same capacity (if not worse) that these weak skinned whites are being done. So, if it’s not necessarily that her (your black neighbor, who has been diagnosed with melanoma)  spirit (((*ISN’T*))) right as much as it is that her soul is crying out to be filled with the divine light that is a fundamental part of our chemistry i.e. DNA. It is, rather, that she (your black melanoma-backwards-is-amonalemuneighbor that has melanoma)  is (((NOT))) taking in Ultraviolet Light properly. She hasn’t established the relationship that a person whose pigment is composed of Eumelanin needs to have with the light responsible for her & it’s color. She’s living in the the Pre Ozone Layer Opening Age (POLOA). Yakub Ultraviolet Light science recognizes the condition you’re referencing as Amonalemu, the failure – as a person of color – to properly take in Ultraviolet Light. She is accepting the sun as though she is white i.e. not recognizing that the functions in our Pineal Gland (3rd Eye) is (((ACTIVATED))) by Ultraviolet Light. There are undocumented cases i.e. cases that Western Science (((WON’T))) document where blacks who have had melanomas who start properly taking in Ultraviolet Light – through the 3rd eye – and their conditions (((*ABSOLUTELY))) reverse.

[These notes were written by  NBFSN publisher Yusef Douglas in response to a conscious black sister’s concern for her unconscious black neighbor –  who told her she’d  been diagnosed with melanoma.”]