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The 3rd eye of Ra is in the center of your forehead & all manmade light – at all times – is not only inferior but (also) subject to Ultraviolet Light i.e. Electromagnetic Energy’s authority when it is projected to any end or outing from any Eumelaninated being. Any ray of manmade light is weakest at the furthest point to where its visibility extends. The mastery in outing forms of manmade light, such as a streetlight, is possible due to the military design of the eyelashes, the chemistry of the authorative melanin in them & the simple power that exists in a (focused) blink. The rays of light shining from lightbulbs & streetlamps represent the weakest forms of manmade light that exist. When accessed at their weakest points & lashed with targeted blinks, a ripple affect is produced that, now mingled with 3rd eye synthesized UV Light, pushes the energy from the light back into itself rendering it unable to continue to produce light.