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Racist East Baton Rouge Police Regime Terrorist, deputy Nicholas Tullier was one of the white devils hero Gavin Long attempted to put down in his courageous preemptive strike against White Police Terror (WPT) on July 17th. For the protection of our people, he was successfully shot in the head and stomach and remains critically injured. Many, however, fear he may regain his health and be able to continue his – if by presence only – reign of WPT against our people. As such, Jakob Christianity Bishop Yahweh Jakob and Yakub
Muslim elder Elohim Belial are calling for all people of color to participate in a national prayer campaign calling for the universe to prevent him from a full and even partial recovery. “Considering the historical and ongoing racial terrorism our people have faced and continue to face from these white supremacist racial psychopaths, our people can only be blessed and remains safe if the state commissioned racial terrorist Nicholas Tullier breathes his last breath,” Belial said. “It too, however, would be a blessing to see him live in painful misery and never be able to live a viable life again. That’s why we’re inviting all conscious people of color to, while he is in critical condition, join us as – for righteousness’ sake – we pray evil befall Tullier.” Yahweh says meditations against him are also as powerful as prayers. “If we need coordinated prayer attacks against this beast every morning at 6:00 a.m. CST, then that’s what we need to do. Until his potential racial terrorism is no longer possible and our people are safe. Yes, our people are safest if he is stricken down with death, if his lungs collapse or if he has permanent and severe brain damage. Upon hearing such news, then we can celebrate.”

“White so called “police” are state commissioned racial trrorists masquerading as repre-sentatives of the law. If you feel threatened by racial terrorism from being pursued by a white “police officer” you have right to defend & protect yourself & family,” – NBFSN