They’re using magnets to smash them together to see how this energy works. But the Particle keeps turning into Dark Ma’atter and “decaying”(aka disappearing lol!!) 😂 into even smaller particles-electrons or quarks of ATUM. They didn’t take into consideration the Dark Ma’atter (the Dark Mother/material) would cloak the actual workings of how these puzzle pieces fit together to potentially form a universe!

The electromagnetic-less searching for electromagnet that it can’t see anyway because it’s eyes & genetics don’t possess the particle required to be able to see it with. LOL, Dawn! Yours is a discourse the Pheomelanated can’t, like the Ultraviolet Light coming from the sun, (((ABSORB)))!

The time it takes for these God Spark-less creatures to figure shit out, is NOT on their side.


Few years back, one of the scientists at the msu facility began working at the one in Switzerland after they had conducted a multimillion dollar upgrade for it to work stronger energies. At the first experiment they attempted in the upgrade, that SheDog just “decayed”! right before their eyes when they turned up the volume on that shit! Probably sucked into a BlackHole like piss down a drain! Back to square one! MSM didn’t even attempt to even make up shit about that fuckery!!

Nah.They just found out, right quick, Dark Ma’ater is to be the only Ma’aterfucker to be creatin shit!! Ha!Lol! And this bitch code name was, “Father”! Bitch please!!! You ain’t fucking NO shit up, dyke! You ain’t got the right tool or instrument!
Like the Qween said, Heeheehee!!!

Dogs, pun intended, walking in circles – chasing their (HAHA) tails!


BTW, I won’t need breakfast, lunch or dinner today: I’M FULL! Thanks for this one-serving, all satisfying meal!

(Solaris’ full discourse available, here.)