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Police identified the boy as Cody Flom, who passed out hiking the Sindewinder Trail in Phoenix on Friday afternoon as temperatures shot above 110 degrees. Flom was with an spring2016-kids-m1st2radult friend, and both were carrying at least two liters of water during the blistering hike, AZCentral reported. The National Weather Service issued an extreme-heat warning from Thursday to Saturday, with temperatures in the area hovering between 111 and 115 degrees at its hottest. After the boy fainted, Flom’s friend first tried carrying him back to safety, officer James Holmes told reporters. When his cellphone could not reach anyone for help, the adult left Flom on the trail and ran to find emergency assistance.

“We can only express relief this twelve year old devil, who was a member of a historically anti-black organization – the Boy Scouts, will not grow to and continue to embrace the racist values of white America that racially terrorize our people. Thank God he is dead and may the heat continue to shame, torture and kill them for what they have done to the earth and her people.” – Blacks Against Racist White America (BARWA) formerly known as Blacks Against White America (BAWA) issue statement.