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How long can I have to be in the sun to get skin cancer?
testmon_img“Your risk of developing skin cancer from sun exposure is the result of a complex combination of several contributing factors such as your genetic predisposition, age, geographic location, severity and frequency of burns, complexion, immune status and several other factors.”  Is it possible to get skin cancer even if you always wore long sleeves outside? Yes: Clothes provide a false sense of safety. Actually, the sun’s rays still penetrate clothing. Nothing prevents skin cancer other than avoiding the sun altogether. There are special fabrics and clothing that are 30+ spf and higher made to add


protection if you are active. Is it possible to get skin cancer even if you always were long sleeves and SPF 30? Yes: UVA and UVB are both potential risk factors, but ultraviolet radiation is not the only cause. There are many different types of skin cancer, with sun exposure related more closely to the most common types — but not to all of them.