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Based on their skin color, whites exalted themselves above all on the planet & called every-one else: ugly, evil & inferior. Now, that giving everyone else life burns their skin. That giving everyone else life is God. The sun is God. The sun hates white people. God Hates Whites & has fixed His light to discriminate between black & whites to destroy the who-can-tell-the-wind-and-all-you-have-to-do-is-FOCUSwhites. Ultra-violet light is the fire of the 2nd Rapture burning evil from the earth, Dr. Yakub 7 Ali; “Do white children still deserve to play in the light of the Sun of God?” No, the Sun of God says. “The window of opportunity whites had to satisfy the Universe by making restitution for their innumerable atrocities against the other races of people on the planet has thorougly closed. We know this because of the blanket statement our Sun of God, Ra, has made against them.” Bishop Yahweh Jakobs of JakobChristiany.  And whose fault is it that the words ‘white‘ & ‘evil‘ emerged as synonyms in our age?