(Quote) Tanya Gee, an S.C. circuit judge beloved by many in the state’s legal community because of her natural, gracious nature and high intellect, has died after a long battle with cancer. She was 39. Born in Michigan, Gee leaves two school-age children, Will and Sabin, a-tfab-we-good-how-yall-master-master-masterand her husband, Chris Koon. He announced the death Wednesday in a message to a large community of friends and family supporting the family throughout her illness. Gee’s
husband announced her death in a message to the family’s supporters early Wednesday. She had been diagnosed in 2013. Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and a graduate of Winthrop University, Gee earned a law degree from the University of South Carolina where she received some of its highest alumni and student honors. That included the Claude Sapp Award, chosen by her classmates “as possessing the best combination of scholarship, leadership and industry.”

Yet, even with all her education and awards she continued her kind’s legacy of generational racial terrorism against all in the People of the Family of Color by denying restitution for her kind’s race crimes. “Gee was despised by Ra, Mother Nature, the Universe and all the earth’s enlightened and truly awakened people. It is a blessing she was destroyed by the very skin she was wrapped in. It was and is the basis of her people’s sin against our people and a sin she never repented from. Fuck her, her family, all those who mourn for her and her legacy.” A statement issued by Richland County Yakub Muslims says.