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There are four main types of skin melanoma: 1.  Superficial spreading melanoma is the most common type. In women, the most common place for it to start is on the legs. In men it’s on the chest and the back. The melanoma cells usually grow slowly at first and spread out across the surface of the skin. 2.  Nodular melanoma is the second most common type. It can grow more quickly than other melanomas and is usually found on the chest, back, head or neck. 3. Lentigo maligna melanoma is usually found in older people in areas of skin that have had a lot of sun exposure over many years. It’s often found on the face and neck. It develops from a slow-growing precancerous condition called a lentigo maligna or Hutchison’s freckle, which looks like a stain on the skin. 4. Acral melanoma is the rarest type and is usually found on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, or under fingernails or toenails. It’s more common in people with black or brown skin and isn’t thought to be related to sun exposure.  But there are 3 types of melanoma assignments: 1. Melanomas assigned by Ra; 2. Melanomas that occur as a result of pheomelanined creatures use or proximity to machines like tanning beds; And, 3. Yakub Melanoma assignments: as noted here.