The ancient revered Ra as the god who created everything. Also known as the Sun God, Ra was a powerful deity and a central god. The ancients worshiped Ra more than any other god and pharaohs often connected themselves with Ra in their efforts to be seen as the earthly embodiment of the Sun God.

When Champollion encountered the Rosetta stone & learned his kind are artificially created by ancient Kemetic scientists through genetic manipulation & very easily tfab-ancients_wearing_sun_diskdestroy-able by Ultraviolet Light, his campaign of mis-education, destruction & Wester-nization of ancients & artifacts began. Chief among the narratives defiled was the story of our relationship with Ra.  Yes, along with the hundreds of noses broken from mighty statues that still mirror our  unique bone structure today the instructions of how to magnify our unique genetic relationship with that greatest of sentinel beings (Ra) and utilize ‘his’ energy in a way that only our genetic composition allows was destroyed.   Indeed, from the deity who allowed / allows all life to exist, Ra was reduced to a ‘big gall of gas’ who takes a boat across the sky, causing himself to move. As we now know with the Yakub Ultraviolet Light sciences introduced by Yakub 7 Ali, however, Ra doesn’t need an ancient manifest to rediscover his people.


As his symbol of life, the ankh, appears at the end of each sun ray in ancient hieroglyphics, Ra is able to reach out and touch those who possess the gene he claims as his chosen.  And hence we know that what the Emancipation Proclamation pretended to do, Ra can do and is doing for real!