White America sunk lower and their support of black, Mexican, Muslim and woman hating Donald Trump proves it. In 2016, after never making restitution for their already existing legacy of race crime and exploitation against all members in the Family of the People of Color (FOTPOC), they have reinforced their commitment to following in their acially terroristic forefathers’ morally reprobate ways. But this should come as no the-top-kid-friendly-mineral-sunscreens-chemical-free2surprise to the FOTPOC and was, considering the time-period we’re in – in our world’s history i.e. nearing the now Post Abomination / Obamanation Desolation Era, a test by the Universe and Mother Nature herself that they have before the eyes all those possessing the now reuniting God-particle (Eumelanin) with its divine power source (Ra) failed. Yes, because of the openings in the Ozone Layer, which  Western scientists only discovered 30 years ago, those possessing the nature preferred Eumelanin – through absorption of increasing degrees of Ultraviolet Light have begun a genetic migration back to the afore mentioned divine power source which at one time allowed their greatest of ancestors to unquestionably maintain authoritative ruler-ship of the earth.