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There is a message, knowledge and sciences that Ra has for us that is separate from that which the Devil has published for us to know of him. A thing within that religioning science is that there is light that we are subject to i.e. Ra and light that is subject  to us i.e. all forms of man-light.  And yes, while Western science can  tell you that the Sun’s distance from the earth and how long it takes light from the sun to reach the earth, it can’t and wouldn’t tell us about our unique abilities, because of our possession of the dominant gene and inheritance of the God-particle Eumelanin, to not only streams-of-vision-and-the-3rd-eye-dev-dev-dev-dev-master-edit-finalnaturally project and radiate light from the sun for self defensive and other resourceful purposes.  “Our greatest and most powerful ancestors weren’t wearing the solar disk upon their heads for no reason. Too they didn’t leave the legacy of images for us, their descendants, to see for no reason,” says Yakub Scientist Imhotep Mephistopheles. “They knew that one day we’d be powerless, separated from true power source and too that the knowledge that could reconnect us to that source would be unavailable. But, through Hieroglyphics, they left us a visual legacy that can’t be denied.  During their age how to acquire the knowledge of the power the sun’s light gives us the ability have was restricted and only known to to the elite class. For our generations, however, the knowledge and ability will be available to all who possess the gene and study to show themselves well approved.”